TelemarketingMarketing Skill provides a unique range of customer service programs. Our focus is to combine prospecting and customer retention initiatives.

 Considering that the majority (in fact 68%) of lost business is due to perceived indifference, keeping in touch in a meaningful way is vital to retaining and gaining business.

 We build and manage relationships with clients and prospects, professionally representing your company with the expertise and care you would give them yourself – if you had the time.

Our consultants are given specific training to ensure they represent your company competently

 We generate leads, promote cross selling, and manage databases. We also provide you with meaningful feedback and information to understand your clients needs and expectations.

 To enable you to analyse results and measure the cost effectiveness and profitability of the programs, we compile detailed statistics.

 Marketing Skill is not a call-centre – our business is intimate and specialised. Simply we have more control, monitoring operators to ensure we gain the required results.  What this means to you is that your sales will increase because leads will be qualified and your customers will become loyal devotees of your business, buy more and refer others and you will understand your business better – in short you will be more profitable.

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