We all know that testimonials are a very powerful way to help your business to stand out from the crowd.

People want to hear about others experiences with your business.   People want someone they can trust!!   

Did you know that 77% of online shoppers turn to consumer reviews and testimonials before they decide to buy! 

So what is the best way to gather testimonials?

You could ask your clients to write something but the reality is that many simply won’t get around to it.  Or they may be unsure what to say.  You may be afraid of negative comments even though in your heart you know you are doing a good job. Or you may not have time to telephone each customer and ask them for feedback.

At Marketing Skill we make it easy and do all the work for you.

  • We ring the clients you nominate and make sure they are happy to provide a testimonial.

  • We gather the information right there and then, asking them a few questions and take note of their responses.  It takes no more than 3 or 4 minutes.

  • We write up their answers into a carefully worded testimonial, email it to your client for approval – approval to publish it with their name and business details.

  • Once they email back their approval,  you have a testimonial to post on your web site, put into promotional letters, brochures etc.

There are many advantages of doing it this way

  • It reminds them of how much they value your business and therefore it reinforces the relationship you have with them.

  • The testimonials are meaningful and specific.

  • Gathering testimonials very often leads to referrals.

  • Having a third party gather the information takes away any awkwardness. 

  • You can put a link to your client’s web site with the testimonial – further enhancing the benefits of the relationship.