Customer Service, Receptionist, Telephone Skills and Sales- training can be tailored to suit your specific needs and run from your office.


Telephone Skills Training

Designed for everyone in business who makes or receives telephone calls.  Sales staff, service staff, telemarketers, accounts staff, complaints departments – all will benefit from this training.  Increase profits and motivate staff.  Turn average enquiries into sales.

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First Impressions – Receptionist Training


A new client has been referred to you and he rings your office.  He is looking for a new and trusted provider.   You’re not available, so he talks to your receptionist. What is his initial impression of your company?

New clients come in for a meeting with you. Your receptionist greets them, settles them down to wait, offers them coffee. They haven’t met anyone else from your company yet, but they have already developed an opinion of your company.  Is it positive or negative?

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Customer Service Training

Establishments that dedicate themselves to working hard to give their customers superior service produce better financial results.  These establishments grow their businesses rapidly (even though they often charge more for their products and services) and are more profitable than those who appear to work as hard as possible to give their customers as little as possible.

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Sales Training

If long-term profitability is your goal, ethical sales is really your only option.

Ethical sales?

That means finding customers who want to buy from you, listening to their needs, and offering the help they need (and none that they don’t). In other words, it means building a relationship without any immediate expectations.

Ultimately this produces far bigger results than the short term thinking of the more traditional ‘knock em down’ approach of a sale now at any price.

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